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Professional Image & Talent

Founded in 2002 as a professional photography company, Professional Image & Talent has expanded to produced events for corporations, local businesses and high profile clients. We offer services that range from event staffing to security and even talent to make sure your guests are entertained and well taken care of. Whether it's a birthday party or an upscale formal business meeting, staff from Professional Image & Talent will ensure your special moment is not only memorable, but enjoyable.

Event Staffing, Security & Talent

Professional Image & Talent

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Experienced Photographers, Models, Actors, Executive & Celebrity Protection, Event Security, DJ's and Many More

Sal W. Hanna, Founder

Sal W. Hanna founded Professional Image & Talent in 2002 as a Photographer and Disc Jockey. Along with his team, Sal strives to establish long term working relationships with clients of PI&T. To do so, Sal is a hands on leader. He works closely with all staff members and talent to bring professionalism and expertise to PI&T. As a dedicated and recognized leader in the entertainment industry, Sal W. Hanna focuses his time on producing the highest of quality talent, events and showcases so that the client can rest assured that when an event is coordinated by Professional Image & Talent that they will receive the utmost service and care from the team.

Professor, Photographer & Publisher

Planning and follow through is the key to success.

William Byrd, Brand Manager

William Byrd works directly with our Founder, Sal W. Hanna, to ensure that the products, services and product lines that Professional Image & Talent resonate with current and potential customers. To do so, William continuously monitor marketing trends and keep a close eye on competitive products in the marketplace. He regularly meets with clients, talent and senior management, and he oversee our production teams. As a talented photographer, William is also behind the camera creating exceptional client campaigns that captivate the view. William is dedicated to not only completing the task, but to making it as successful as it can be by going above and beyond for the client and guests.

Photographer & Talent Acquisitions

Success feels and tastes so much better when it's based on your hard work and dedication...

Vanessa Marie, Client Relations Manager

Vanessa has established herself as a recognizable actress and model. She brings her on and off camera experience to Professional Image & Talent and provides our clients with security of mind. As an actor, Vanessa has been able to successfully gain on camera and behind the scenes experience that has allowed her to be an integral part of our on-boarding process. Newly acquired talent receive mentoring and dedicated training from Vanessa, while client received the benefit of having an expert producing their events. Vanessa Marie focuses her talents to make sure events goals are met and exceeded.

Actor & Model

Effort and drive bring success.

Ryan Jones, Director of Security

As the Director of Security, Ryan Jones is responsible for the Executive Protection division. He accounts for the training, planning, research, and coordination for all assignments. Mr. Jones works directly with private contractors to make sure all details run smoothly. Mr. Jones has over 9 years experience in the Security field. He has been called upon numerous occasions to work on executive protection details, bail enforcement, strike details, service of court orders and documents, award shows, and major sporting events. Additionally he assists in self-defense classes to training future protection agents. He has a Master’s of Science degree in the Administration of Justice and Security and a Bachelor of Science in Human Services. He currently holds multiple security licenses including concealed weapons permits covering 45 states including California, as well as being California Police Officer Standards Training (POST) PC832 Arrest and Control and PC832 Firearms Certified.

Executive & Celebrity Protection

Your safety is my priority.